Eviction Information Sheet , Representation Agreement ,Qualifications and Experience
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Eviction Information Sheet , Representation Agreement ,Qualifications and Experience

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Attorney, Alberto M Cardet, was admitted to the Florida Bar in April 2001 after receiving his Juris Doctor degree from Saint Thomas University in Miami Florida.  Since then a large part of his Civil Litigation practice has been in the area of Landlord – Tenant Law.


Mr. Cardet has litigated hundreds of Landlord – Tenant matters during the last five years.  He has experience in all aspects of Landlord – Tenant litigation including, mediation, trial, appellate work and federal bankruptcy issues.  His experience in these areas include handling tenant claims against landlords for losses to tenant’s personal property, claims against landlords ownership rights, security deposit disputes, housing discrimination, building code violations, tenant bankruptcies and public housing issues among others.


Mr. Cardet has also been admitted to practice in United States Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida, Middle District of Florida and Northern District of Florida.